Participation in Care Proceedings for Vulnerable or Protected Parties

protected parties unit chambers

Introduction In this short article written by Consultant Barrister, Kerri O’Neill, we will focus on the issue of parents with variations of learning disabilities participating in public law proceedings, in order to drive awareness in line with Learning Disability Week 2021. There are a number of resources, guides and requirements that must be complied with […]

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021: Our top three takeaways

domestic abuse act unit chambers

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021: An IntroductionMany of you reading this will have undoubtedly read the news about the Domestic Abuse bill being signed into government. It has been touted by many of its champions to introduce sweeping changes to the way the Family Court will be empowered to address issues of domestic abuse. This […]

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Deaf Awareness Week: fairness for deaf parties in care proceedings

Deaf Awareness Week Unit Chambers

Rounding off Deaf Awareness Week, Pupil Barrister, Lyana Chan considers the recent authority of Re A and B (Children) (Deaf Parent – Assessment and Practice) [2021] EWFC 10.Background These were care proceedings for two very young children – A (DOB 10.09.2018) and B (DOB 12.01.2020). Neither child had lived with the parents; A was placed […]

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Care Orders and SGOs: Confirmation that they can co-exist together.

Care Orders and SGOs Unit Chambers

Care Orders and SGOs: the long awaited authority confirming they can co-exist together. Today the Court of Appeal has published the judgment in the matter of Re F and G [2021] EWCA 622. Our Senior Consultant Barrister, Lisa Edmunds, and Consultant Barrister, Kerri O’Neill, represented the appellant mother in this appeal. Therefore, this article is hot off the press and on […]

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